Join Lexi O'Malley in these witty, suspense filled mysteries you'll find hard to put down!

(Lexi O'Malley Series)


When her weenie cousin asks for her help locating his lifelong friend who has been abducted by some heavily armed, trigger-happy, two-bit punks, Lexi O'Malley reluctantly agrees and finds herself heading, once again, into a hotbed of danger.

Adding to her rotten luck, her old childhood antagonist, Nick Romano, calls and requests her assistance issuing a Summons and Complaint to a lowlife swindler that Mark, a P.I. with Romano Investigations, had failed to deliver.

As she attempts to find her cousin's kidnapped friend and chase down the wily con artist, she almost loses her life to the knife-wielding hustler, narrowly escapes a fiery explosion and exchanges wits with a bomb-making hired gun in this zany new adventure.




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Right up there with Evanovich

"This really was fun, haven't found a book with characters that made me laugh out
loud for a long time. Can't wait for the next one. Good stuff"  Sammy7

Best Cozy Mystery Novel of   2012

"Light hearted and extremely funny, this work will keep any reader's attention the entire way through. Part mystery, all entertaining Doggone will not disappoint. The characters are captivating and the storyline superb.  GREAT, GREAT Read!!!"  BookLoverRome

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Couldn't Put It Down

"Another gripping mystery that kept me guessing until the very end, and had me laughing hysterically throughout.  A must-read for mystery lovers that will keep you turning pages until the very end -- I couldn't put it down!"  Jen W

Funny and Fun

"The stories have a wonderful mix of humor, romance, interesting family dynamics and crazy characters. I really enjoy being
able to spend a few hours escaping into Lexi's world."  Big Reader


Thirty-two year old Lexi O'Malley, a boring software programmer by trade, was out of work, out of money, full of attitude and looking for a new career.  When her eccentric Aunt Scarlet calls and shames her into helping search for Bubba, her missing, big, dopey, black Lab, she figures she might as well add out of luck to the mix since dog detective wasn't exactly the great new profession she had in mind.

In the process of tending to her familial obligation, she finds Bubba beaten nearly to death and after Aunt Scarlet's home is ransacked she accidentally learns her aunt's handy man is not who he professes to be. 

While playing amateur sleuth, she's shot at, pursued by thugs, crashes her car, finds her apartment burned to the ground and discovers that even though she's short on expertise and not all that brave, she's a master fibber and can hold her own in a crisis.



After Nick Romano, a trouble-making prankster from her childhood, guilts her into helping him out while he recovers from a bullet wound he received on her behalf, newly certified process server, Lexi O'Malley, is out to prove a point when, with a condescending smirk, she's handed off a service by Mark, a P.I. with Romano Investigations, after he was unable to get it handled.

On her first assignment going solo, with her wits, gut instinct and plenty of attitude in her arsenal, she's determined to get her man and rub the Affidavit of Service in Mark's smug face, but when she finds herself in her subject's home, only to exit a few minutes later just before a thunderous explosion shoots a huge fireball into the sky, she begins to have second thoughts about agreeing to the favor.

As one comic misadventure follows another, she's shot at, stalked by a crazed lunatic, has her head almost sliced off and, in the end, surprises not only her peers, but herself with her tenacity and ability to get the job done.


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Laughed My Head Off!!!

"It's not very often you come across an author who can draw you into an amazing mystery while sprinkling in just the right amount of humor to keep you smiling the whole way through -- D. M. Buckley is just such an author."  Jen W

She Did It Again!!

"Filled with drama and suspense, D. M. Buckley kept me turning pages, so much so that I finished the book in one weekend and had me laughing hysterically as she chronicled one crazy adventure after another."  Barnabus


When a human bone is dropped at her feet, Lexi O'Malley is on the hunt again, this time trailing a little person with a big attitude.

Complicating matters, her estranged, goody-two-shoes, little miss-perfect sister suddenly shows up after ten long years, wasted out of her mind and claiming she's on the run after just killing her husband.

Add to that her latest assignment from Nick Romano, her old childhood nemesis, to worm her way into the confidence of the wife of Romano Investigations latest client, and the fun begins.

In this latest madcap adventure, Lexi is stalked by a sparkler throwing maniac, faces a gun wielding wife out for revenge and almost loses her life in a showdown with a brutal mobster.